I will be starting as an assistant professor of CS at Rice University in Fall 2018.

Seminars at UT

Nov 07, 2015

This semester I’m co-organizing two seminars at UT Austin.

  • UT Simons Seminar: This is a weekly working group at the Department of Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at UT Austin. It is opened to anybody who is interested in topics around the themes of networks, random graphs, information theory and optimization, with applications in operations research, machine learning and computer science.

  • WNCG Reading Group: This is again a weekly reading group with the amazing students of WNCG group at the Department of Electrical Engineering at UT Austin. The aim of this seminar is explore new research directions, as well as create collaborations between research groups of WNCG, through students’ interactions. The topics covered at this working group range from coding theory and networks to machine learning and optimization.