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My name is Anastasios Kyrillidis (Αναστάσιος Κυριλλίδης), but most people call me by the nickname ‘Tasos’ (‘Τάσος’). Currently, I’m a Noah Harding Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department at Rice University.

Prior to that, I was a Goldstine PostDoctoral Fellow at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (NY), and a Simons Foundation PostDoc member at the University of Texas at Austin. I finished my PhD at the CS Department of EPFL (Switzerland).

I’m recipient of a NSF CAREER award, an Amazon Research Award (ARA), a Microsoft Research Award, and I’m closely collaborating with Intel.

My research interests include (but not limited to):



Funding sources

My research is supported by NSF FET:Small no. 1907936, NSF MLWiNS CNS no. 2003137 (in collaboration with Intel), NSF CMMI no. 2037545, NSF CAREER award no. 2145629, Welch Foundation Research Grant no. 964181, Amazon Research Award, Microsoft Research Award, and Rice InterDisciplinary Excellence Award (IDEA).